awesome brand-new/pre-loved clothes & sprees at awesome prices! (:



ASOS-inspired criss-cross bandage leggings (BRAND NEW) ($36)  (NOW $24) (OOS almost everywhere) SOLD

bought for $36
selling at (NOW $24) (the quality is really awesome!)
adds style points to your outfit effortlessly! (:
retailing for 60 SGD on ASOS but OOS now
fits UK6-10 (very stretchable)

Supre T-shirt Maxi-dress in Grey (BRAND NEW) ($28) (NOW $20) (OOS on site) SOLD

bought for $28
selling for (NOW $20)
perfect for casual days! just put on a belt and you're good to go (:
fits UK6-small10

 Supre Strapless Maxi-dress in Monsoon (BRAND NEW) ($35) (NOW $22) (OOS) SOLD

bought for $35
NOW $22)
super good quality!! and the design is superb
fits UK6-10 (may be a lil big for a UK6)

Supre Cropped Lace Top (BRAND NEW) ($23) (NOW $12)

bought for $23
NOW $12
matches almost anything! (:
an essential piece to own
fits UK6-small10

Bohemian Rhapsody Dress in Mint Green (BRAND NEW) ($27) (NOW $19) (PENDING!) SOLD
(manufactured by The Wearhouse but is now OOS)

bought for $27
made of good quality chiffon & it's really pretty!! (:
24.5"-25" Length
11" across elastic area (unstretched), 18" stretched
Fits UK 6-10 best

 Bangshotudown Rocker Chick Ripped Leggings (BRAND NEW) ($26) (NOW $15) (OOS)

bought for $26
 (NOW $15)
super stylish and spells "ROCKCHICK"!
pair it with pretty much anything to look effortlessly cool and funky (:
fits UK6-big8

Flutter Sleeves dress in Black (BRAND NEW) ($23) (NOW $8)

bought for $23
(NOW $8)
pair it with a pair of killer heels and you're good to go! (:
or wear it as a top!
fits UK6-10

Givenchy Inspired Double Cross Bandage Wedges (BRAND NEW) (ONLY $46 -
($42 for fast payment!) 

DREAM SHOES. nuff said.
sized 38
selling coz its too loose for me
i'm a size 37

Mulberry Alexa-inspired Bag in Brown ($38) (NOW $16)

(The Mulberry Alexa)

Actual photos:

Selling for $35 on Bangshotyoudown

Bought for $38
condition 8.5/10
(NOW $16) only! (IT'S A STEAL)
fits a slim A4 file & quite some stuff
perfect for school!

Animal Tee (BRAND NEW) ($16) (NOW $6)

super adorable t-shirt!
bought at $16
selling for NOW $6
fits UK 6-8

 Mulberry Alexa-Inspired Bag in Black ($35) (NOW $16)
Actual Photos:

bought for $35
condition 9/10
(NOW $16) only! (IT'S A STEAL)
fits a slim A4 file & quite some stuff
perfect for school!

LONDON Tote Bag ($35) (NOW $15)

Bought for $35
used a few times
condition 8.5/10
(NOW $15) only! (IT'S A STEAL)
very chic & sporty too!
huge & can fit alot of stuff!
perfect for school! 

 Barry's Farm Monster iPhone Sleeve (BRAND NEW) ($25) (NOW $14)

Bought for $25 (US$17 + shipping)
condition 10/10

 Bonito Chico High-Waist Suede Shorts (BRAND NEW) ($25) (NOW $13)

bought for $25
(NOW $13)
super exquisite and the quality is awesome!
fits UK4-6

 High-Waist Denim Shorts ($20) (SOLD!)

bought for $26
selling at $20 (SOLD)
a must-have in your wardrobe!
tagged L - fits UK8-10

 Runway Bandits Topshop-inspired Nautical Striped Roses Top (BRAND NEW) ($23) (NOW $12)

bought for $23 (OOS everywhere)
(NOW $12)
pair it with denim shorts & you're good to go! (:

White & Blue Flower Patterned Top (BRAND NEW) ($24) (NOW $8)

bought for $24
(NOW $8)
exquisite details on the straps & the front of this top!
love the white flowered texture (:

 Love & Bravery Gaile Flare Shorts (BRAND NEW) ($26) (NOW $15)

bought for $26
(NOW $15)
matches anything!

 Love & Bravery Kay Tube Jumpsuit ($28) (NOW $17) SOLD

bought for $28
(NOW $17)
super chic!

 Snowflakes Tank Dress (BRAND NEW) ($25) (NOW $12)

(as selling on many popular blogshops)

bought for $25
(NOW $12)

Leah White - Missypixie ($25) (NOW $14) (OOS on site)

bought for $25
wore it once only!
condition 10/10
(NOW $14!)
the dress is made of good-quality rayon material
slightly sheer

 Runched Blue Top ($22) (NOW $7) SOLD

(similar to the one sold on Missypixie! (: just w/o the string at the back!)

bought for $22
condition 9.8/10
real photos are the 2 above!
(NOW $7!)
such a steal! the one on Missy Pixie is selling for more than $20 (:

 MANGO Basic Tank ($10) SOLD

bought for $22
wore it once 
condition 10/10
selling at $10 (SOLD!)
wear it with denim shorts for a casual feel or pair it with leggings for a stylish look!

 Dorothy Perkins Wolf Tank ($25) (NOW $10)

bought for $26
wore it once
condition 10/10
(NOW $10!)
sexy, rugged & casual (:
can also be paired with leggings coz it is quite long!

Grey Vintage Bucket Bag (BRAND NEW) ($28) (NOW $16)

Bought for $28
condition 10/10
(NOW $16) only! (IT'S A STEAL)
very vintage and easy-to-match!

 Electric Blue Martina Pink Skirt (BRAND NEW) ($79) (NOW $18)

bought for $79
(NOW $18) (seriously a steal! the quality is super good)
awesome texture & a cute colour for a skirt!
pair it with yellow or red for that daring colourful summer look!
or pair it with black/white for that sleek chic look :D

 Black Ruffled F21 Dress (BRAND NEW) ($25) (SOLD!)

bought for $33
selling at $25 (SOLD!)(the quality is awesome! it is a STEAL!)
shows off the figure and the material will make your lil black dress stand out from all the rest! (:

F21-inspired Dark Grey Ruffled Tunic (BRAND NEW) ($28) (NOW $12)

bought for $28
(NOW $12)
similar to the F21 dress above! but selling at a fraction of its price! [:
can be worn as a top or tunic with leggings!

Modparade Wolf Dress ($28) (NOW $13) (OOS on site)

(sorry for blurry photo! real photos below!)

bought for $28
wore it once for a very short while
condition 10/10
(NOW $13!)
the sleeves are lace and the dress is made of good-quality rayon material
flatters the figure and makes a fashion statement
fits UK6-10 (dress is rather stretchable actually! (:)

Rugged Denim Vest ($25) (NOW $12) SOLD

bought for $25
wore it a few times but still in awesome condition! :D
condition 10/10
 (NOW $12!)
pair it with almost anything! 
tops, dresses, leggings, shorts; it's a must-have in your wardrobe!

Black and Gold Folded Clutch (BRAND NEW) ($38) (NOW $15)

Bought for $38
condition 10/10
(NOW $15) only! (SUPER CHEAP)
awesome black & gold combi!
matches almost everything! (:
grab it before i change my mind too! :D

Vintage Gold-buckle bag in Electric Blue (BRAND NEW) ($32 (NOW $16)

Love Bonito Suede Highwaist Shorts (BRAND NEW) ($27) (NOW $13)

Authentic Guess Skirt (BRAND NEW) ($200+) (NOW $35)


Nautical Stripes Top  ($24) (NOW $12)

Trucco Cascading Drape Dress in Brown (BRAND NEW) ($59) (NOW $23)

Mustard Casual Top (BRAND NEW) ($16) (NOW $3)

 Slouchy Pockets Black Pants (BRAND NEW) ($30) (NOW $16 / $14) SOLD!!

Lustmonday Red Toga (OOS) (BRAND NEW) ($27) (NOW $18 / $16)

Charles and Keith Grey and White Polka-dotted heels ($28) (NOW $23)

bought for $59.90 (price tag still on shoe)
Charles and Keith Premium Series
condition 10/10
size 37
(such a steal!)
the heels are seriously awesome and tres chic!
very pretty and droolworthy :D
non-nego or else i shall keep them! (:

Armani Exchange Silver and Grey Slippers ($60+) (NOW $20/$18)

bought for $60 over dollars from the AX outlet at Takashimaya
worn a few times
condition 9/10
size 6
perfect if you wanna look casual but not sloppy!

Blue and Grey Checkered Suede Heels ($40) (NOW $17/$15)

bought for $40 over
condition 10/10
size 37
it is super pretty and very comfy!!
grab them before i change my mind hahaha

 Slouchy Acid-Wash Denim Shirtdress (OOS) (BRAND NEW) ($42) (NOW $27 / $25)
[dress is not so short irl; the model is really tall.]

  Black Mesh F21 Skirt (BRAND NEW) ($38) (NOW $22 / $20) (OOS)

bought for $38
(NOW $22) (it's already OOS in all F21 stores & online!)
super good quality & it's drool-worthy
super exquisite & stylish skirt (:
pair it with a black/white top to make it look like a one-piece
or pair it with a blazer for a formal yet stylish look (:

 Blue Chiffon Top/Jacket (BRAND NEW) ($26)